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Broomball tournament

  A tradition

For more than 45 years, the Broomball Tournament has been a major sporting event in the community of the Royal Military Colleges of Canada.

True to tradition, the Alumni of the CMR Alumni Association, in partnership with the CMRSJ Cadet Division, continue to plan and conduct this tournament annually.

It allows teams of cadets and former students to meet in an atmosphere that is both friendly and competitive. It is also an opportunity to create ties and discuss their experiences within the Military Colleges and in the Canadian Armed Forces.

2020 edition

The 46th edition of the Alumni Broomball Tournament will take place from January 24 to 26, 2020 at the Vanier Pavilion. Come in large numbers and encourage your favorite team. Take the opportunity to see former colleagues or classmates.

The opening of the Tournament will be at 6:15 p.m. on January 24th. Colonel Nicolas Pilon, commanding officer of CMR Saint-Jean, will conduct a ceremonial face-off accompanied by members of the first team champion of the Tournament in 1975.

The winning teams in 2020

Women's Category: CMRSJ Women's Team
Recreational category: Les petites créances
Competition Category: TLes Jeudis
Old Balls Trophy: 89ers

Draw winners

Train ticket : Simon Pagé

Stay at le 125: Véronique Jacques

Snowshoes : Éric Beaucage and Francis Roy

Sporting goods: Alexia Croizer, Benoit Laberge, Michel Dion, Véronique Jacques, Fredéric Dicaire, Jasmin Roux, André Durand, Pascal Tremblay, Stéphane Rouleau, Jovan Belley, Ian Parenteau, Éric Beaucage and Éric Cloutier

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