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Who we are and what we do

The Fort Saint-Jean Branch of the RMC Alumni Association inc., unites all Alumni to ensure the sustainability of the values and traditions of the alma mater through dynamic exchanges and a sound administration. The Branch is a recognized partner of RMC Saint-Jean.

Our mission 

The Fort Saint-Jean Branch of the RMC Alumni Association inc. brings together alumni and offers them a

range of services and activities and promotes the Royal Military Colleges.

Our goals


  • Increase the number of members.

  • Increase participation at activities and visibility of Alumni.

  • Identify new needs and develop the range of services and activities in line with member expectations. 

  • Actively promote the importance, to the CAF, of the RMC Saint-Jean’s university program status.

  • Maintain its legal status and sound administration.

  • Maintain an active communication plan.

Our values

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Solidarity

  • Friendship

  • Equity


The Fort Saint-Jean Branch is made up of a Board of Directors (BOD) and a Management Committee (MC) which ensure the management, governance and sustainability of the Branch. Here is a summary of the role of each of these entities. 

Board of directors

The BOD is made up of three directors elected at the annual general meeting for a three-year term. The members of the MC designate the president of the Chapter among the elected administrators.

The BOD is responsible for endorsing the rules and procedures developed by the MC and for approving the appointment of representatives to our partner's committees.

BOD is also the final authority for signing contracts and approving expenses and partnership agreements.


  9992 Serge Massé

10027 André Pronovost

24924 Maxime Bernier-Brideau

Management Committee

The MC is made up of volonteer alumni committed to the development and operation of the Branch. They ensure the organization, the management and the implementation of activities and services offered to the alumni. The sharing of responsibilities is determined by consensus according to the tasks at hand  and their respective availabilities.

9992 Serge Massé

Adjutant associated with the Old Brigade:
10818 Michel Dagenais

Vice President Finance:
9992 Serge Massé

Vice President Communications:
10027 André Pronovost

Vice President

24924 Maxime Bernier-Brideau 

Membership Director:
11686 Jean-Marie Levasseur

Event Director:
9950 Leo Gravelle

BB Director:
16179 Pierre-Paul Beland

Deputy VP Communications:

25560 Patrick Rheaume-Espinoza

Our office


We are located at RMC St-Jean, in the Massey building, suite 202 A.


Want to get involved?

The Branch is always looking for dynamic individuals who want to get involved in carrying on the our traditions. If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us.

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